• JKA International Trading Corporation
Fire Fighting Equipment
Fire fighting equipment are used to combat or attack fires. These include portable equipment such as fire hoses, nozzles and eductors as well as fixed installations such as fire monitors and valves.       
Industrial Hoses and Fittings
Industrial hoses are used in various applications, most common of which are air, water, steam, chemical and petroleum. Specialty hoses including LPG transfer as well as food and beverages hoses are also available. Depending on the type of application and preference, end-users can choose from a wide selection of fittings such as Chicago fittings, camlock, threaded connections, quick connects, etc.
Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings
Hydraulic hose assemblies are used to power heavy equipment through a pressurized hydraulic fluid system. Hoses are generally categorized based on size, pressure rating and type of reinforcement. Fittings for this type of hose are usually threaded end connections (JIC, NPT, BSP, etc.).

JKA International Trading Corporation
is a major distributor of hoses, fittings,
and firefighting equipment in the
Philippines since 1968.

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